Wayne Clay is a rare man and perhaps even a a more rare knifemaker, for he understands the qualities required for both. The man I know places honor and integrety above all else. When Wayne tells you he will make you a good knife he does just that........and what a knife. - Ross Seyfried

I make knives because I like to make them. Most serious hunters carry quality firearms that can be very expensive. When the game is harvested the most important work begins. My aim is to make a knife equal to the quality of the firearm. Just like the quality firearm my knives are made to be used over and over year after year, not used a season....sharpened away and discarded in a year or two.

The time I spent in the shops of Bob Loveless of Riverside, CA. and W. C. Davis of Raymore, the credit card ad says...was priceless. I would like to express my appreciation to these two gentlemen for allowing me to spend time with them and for sharing their many years of experience.- Wayne Clay

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